Ways of using spiritual cleansing to release bad energy

What is spiritual cleansing?

This is the everyday practice of releasing bad energy. It is the habit of consistently reaffirming that your spirit is pure.

All things consist of universal energy in the practice of spiritualism. According to Albert Einstein, the whole universe is made of energy.

Ways of undertaking a spiritual cleanse

There are several ways a cleanse can be conducted. The process always has a similar objective although procedures are different.

Every spiritual cleanse has the following;

  • Going into a spiritual state
  • Meditating on the negatives
  • Embracing any held negativities
  • Releasing the energy from the aura
  • Reaffirming spiritual purity

The most well-known options you can use to personalize your cleansing experience are these:

  • Immersing yourself in a salt bath
  • Smudging

Take a salt bath

This is mostly used by beginners. It is also the commonly used spiritual cleansing practice. This might be because bathing is a visual presentation of the cleansing process. The mindset for purity has already been generated since you’re removing impurities in an object which is supposed to be cleaned.

Purity baths have a history. Every religion uses water or a reason. For Christianity, it symbolizes rebirth into Christ while in Judaism, theirs is a ritual bath known as ‘Mikveh’.

The importance of salt

Dilute your bath with salt if you want to enforce a holy experience. You can use Himalayan crystals or sea flakes which are unrefined products. Most of the natural minerals cannot serve you since they have been stripped away.

Add two handfuls of salt and fill the tab. The volume of the water doesn’t matter. You are likely to speed up your nervous system if you go over 100 degrees. The end result is ritual being disturbed and vibrations heightened.

Do not cleanse yourself physically

You should not use any bathing products when cleansing your aura. There should be a difference between the bath and physical bathing.

Hence that’s not the time to use soaps that have oil. Rather take advantage of that time and have a conversation with yourself. You have to pay attention to you to get into an elevated spiritual plane.


This is the burning of bundles of herbs for purification. The smoke that has been released changes the composition of the air around you. This transformation creates a sense of calmness by altering your mindset.  You do away with negative energy and create a pure environment.

Different religions practice smudging. Like the burning of frankincense is an example.  Many cultures use smudging. Several native American tribes use smoke rituals. You can use your own choice of herbs to smudge. This will stimulate your aura positively since it is a healthy ritual.

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