Were You Born a Witch?

There are many people that have tuned into the energy of the universe, and they are what people call witches. Have you ever felt that you were more in tuned with the universe than other people? Do you feel that you can pick up on things that people don’t know or understand? Are you closer to nature than anyone else you know? If so, you might be someone that is in harmony with the spiritual world.

Do you think you are a witch? Have you ever felt that you were a witch, but you weren’t sure how to face it or if you really were? You might be a natural born witch but even if you aren’t and you want to be a witch, there are things that you can do to make that happen.

Here are some signs you might be a witch:

Never Fitting In

Do you spend most of your time alone? Do you feel that you never fit in? Do you have a small circle of friends while other people have a large group? Do you often feel depressed and wish you were outside in nature?

You can hang out with yourself and figure out how to make things work out well for you. Being a witch can be lonely sometimes, but it can make you strong.

Controlling Personality

People that are witches often are controlling. They will be able to convince other people to follow what they are doing. They don’t have to be mean to make this happen but sometimes people are just drawn to your control.

Strong Sensual Energies

Most people don’t feel a connection with their sexual energies. If you feel this energy and you feel it flowing through, you then chances are that you might be a witch. This can be a fun things for you.

Setting Fires with Your Mind

Do you ever get so upset that you feel that you are going to burn something with your mind? Do you feel that you can use pyrokinesis? If so, then you might have the power of the witch. Don’t let things get out of control or burn anything.

Hate Crowds

One thing about witches is they hate being in big crowds. They are often overly sensitive and pick up the energies of other people. They have the power to feel these energies and they can bring them down. They have to learn to block this energy.

If you are someone that feels tired when you are around large groups, you might have witch blood in your veins.

Birth Mark

Sometimes a witch will have a mark on their body that is called a witch mark. This might be a mole or something that is different. This can be something that is used to suck your blood by an imp.

You can look for your own witch mark and find out if you have one. In the Middle Ages, women were burned at the stake for having a witch mark.

No Praying

If you are someone that won’t pray, then you might be a witch. Witches are afraid of saying prayers because they don’t want to have this energy. People believe that the devil stopped witches from learning the Lord’s prayer.


You must know what a Kuthun is if you are a witch. Maybe you don’t know what this is, but it is some kind of witchcraft. This is a time when you can force witches that are older to teach you a craft. This is an object that connects you to the power of other witches.

Attraction to Animals

Most witches are attracted to animals such as birds, snakes or rats. This can be the universe giving you information on how to make your witch relationships grow. A witch will often keep these kinds of animals in their area so that they can have pets and someone to nurture.

Woods or Water?

Are you someone that lives close to nature? Do you live in the woods or by water? Many witches want to be born by water or the woods so that they can have a place to do their spells.

Love of Storms?

Witches often love storms. They know that there is power in lightening and in stormy weather. Natural born witches love to be in places where it storms, and they have no fear of it.

Loving the Moon

Witches know that the moon has a lot of power. If you are connected with stars and other magical forces, you will love the moon and it will bring you good emotions.

Making True Wishes

If you find that most of your wishes, come true then you might be a witch. You might be able to make a spell that works, and this can mean that the universe is listening to you.

Prefer Silver Things

A witch will love to put silver on their body. Witches don’t really wear all black, but they love things like copper and silver. They will often wear jewelry that is made of these materials.

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