Energy Healing to Release Anger

Identifying anger can take practice and time, especially if other emotions need time to be released as well. However, the most destructive emotions need to be released first to allow healing to start. Prior to any energy healing techniques being shared in a way that makes sense, one must understand that love attracts positive or good energy and fear attracts negative or bad energy.

Increasing Love, Decreases Fear

In order to improve our emotional health, we have to use energy healing techniques that both decrease fear and increase love. It would be amazing if we were able to set a goal of perpetual love and wake up the next day with continuous love no matter what.

Unnecessary Emotion

While the concept of emotion code has helped a number of people, it is unnecessary when using healing energy techniques. Energy healing techniques can be used to identify anger, or any emotion, that requires release.

The Higher Self Knows

The highest aspect of self resides with God and is known as the higher-self. The higher-self, because of where it resides, knows more than what part of the spirit is housed in the physical body. Since this is true, it makes sense to let the higher-self let us know which emotions need released first and in an urgent manner. Once we know what needs released, we can say a prayer for the release of anger, fear, and other negative emotions.

Do What is Needed

It can be healthy to allow a person, or yourself, to speak true thought in any means necessary. This may be through screaming and crying for some. This is a release that allows the processing of emotions and prevents a build-up of the negative that can create later problems. Everyone, including children, need emotional release at some time. Understanding emotional well-being can bring future and greater blessings to self and family.

Negativity Release Prayer

Each night, try saying an emotional release prayer as a way of healing. Pray in the power of God that these negative emotions be released so healing can take place. This also allows the space to be replaced with positive energy. Make sure to say thank you at the end of each prayer for this healing.

Energy healing techniques are often used to heal past traumas, but ignored for things that happen in the present. The daily prayer can help fix even daily negative emotions.

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