Learn the Different Types of Meditation and How They Help You

Are you someone that is interested in meditation and you are curious about how it works? You wonder if this will be something that can help your mental and your physical body? If you are this person, you are in a good place right now. Meditation Meditation is a way that you can quiet your […]

Sustainable Methods to Use for Energetic Cleansing

A method called smudging, which is sometimes called smoke clearing, with white sage or palo santo has grown in popularity. This is in large part due to social media exposure from the spirituality and wellness industry. This commodification of such spiritual practices for capital gain is obvious. Spiritual kits full of crystals, “pretty” smudge sticks, […]

Signs You are Going Through a Spiritual Awakening

People go through their own version of a spiritual awakening and when this happens, it can cause there to be symptoms because of the major change in their physical and spiritual bodies. These symptoms can come when you are on your spiritual journey. A spiritual awakening means that you are changing who you are, and […]

Building a Stronger Spiritual Life

We live in a culture that leans more and more toward commercialism, secularism, and materialism. This makes it difficult to keep our souls nourished. When times are inhospitable to spiritual growth, the challenge becomes in how to nurture, restore, heal, and renew the soul. Below are several practical suggestions for building your own spiritual life: […]

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