Making Work a Sacred Place

Being at work takes wellness into a whole different level.  It is time to make your workplace a place that is healthy and gives you a sense of well-being.  When you are busy and stressful, having a job can take a toll on your mental and physical health.  There can be negativity from people that you work around or hardships on the job.  You also have a lot of tech going on at the office the whole time and it can affect your spirit.  Make sure that you spend your days feeling good even at the workplace.  Do that by following these 6 different ways to make your office a great place to work!

Cleanse Your Space

Make sure that you have a clear desk so that you can clear your mind.  Organize your chaos and make sure that you set your mind to be purified.  Make sure to clear the energy after a hard day or a presentation that has left you wild in your mind.  Let calming energy sit and leave behind the exhausted energy.  Optimize your energy by using sage or palo santo on a day to day basis.  If you can’t burn in your work, try other methods like bringing in bundles of sage or putting sage in water and having a spray.  Always use liquid light and let it vibrate and flow. Purify the environment with crystals if you need to be recharged.

Shungite and Black Tourmaline

If you have to work by tech, you need to limit the EMF’s that come out of these computers.  Do this by putting a piece of Shungite or a chunk of Black Tourmaline by your computer.  This will shield you from negative energy.


Use pyrite over your business card and this will help you to bring in money.  This will also help you to be successful and more professional.  It won’t just be for wealth, but it will get rid of negative emotions by keeping you from feeling defeated emotionally.

Black Kyanite and Tourmalinated Quartz

When you have protection of Black Tourmaline, negativity will go away.  The Black Kyanite and Tourmalinated Quartz will help you to release negative energy around you that is being held in your mind and body.  It will give you a positive life and help you to not feel trapped in your mindset.  This can help you also to cut ties with coworkers that are not good for you and those that drain you from your own energy.  Keep the crystal on your desk or in your pocket so it’s always by you.

Notes to Self

When you need to be reminded about how much potential you have, write yourself an encouraging note.  Tell yourself to live for the moment and tell yourself just what you need to hear right now.  This will help you to incorporate goodness and calmness in your workplace.


If you need to get creative to make your space sacred, do it.  Fill areas with crystals that help you, ones that help your wellness and give you peace.  You can sprinkle your desk with amethyst, citrine, carnelian and more.  This can help to reduce stress and give you logical thought.  It can also help to increase your chakra.  Some stones are very beneficial to infuse energy to you.

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