Bring Money to Your Pocket

Do you lack money and you want to figure out how to get some money in your pocket? If you’ve ever heard of manifesting, then you know that you can take something that you don’t have and turn it into something that you do have. Manifesting is when you are able to bring something into your situation based on what you are attracting.

If you believe that you’re broke, you will attract brokenness. But if you believe that you can be rich, you can manifest money into your pocket. Manifesting wealth is something easy to do as long as you can change your mindset and you can believe that you’re already wealthy.

Changing your vibrations to a higher frequency can help you to manifest money into your reality. This might sound impossible when you have no money to pay your bills or to buy food, but the good news is that you don’t have to be rich to have money come to you. Here’s how to manifest money into your life and put money into your pocket!

Feel the Abundance Coming

You have to start by feeling the abundance coming to you. This doesn’t mean that you need to hold on to the money, but you might need to change your mindset. You can look around and see abundance around you such as looking at your children who give you love and care or by looking at the world around you with trees full of leaves.

Feel wealthy by pretending that you can buy anything that you want. Walk into a store and look at everything expensive and decide that you’re going to buy that stuff and be wealthy.

Change Your Wallet

If you have some extra money to leave in your wallet, do it. You can find a dollar or a hundred-dollar bill and leave it in your wallet or purse and each time you look in it you will feel that you have wealth. You will see that you feel more abundant when you do this.

Don’t spend this money and hold on to it as long as you can so that you can keep the mindset that you have money. You might also choose to have a wallet in red or green because these colors symbolize having abundance.

You can add crystals such as peridot, citrine, silver, or gold to your wallet and when you open it, look at this. Make sure that you have a wallet that isn’t old and worn but find one that is nice and clean and will help you to feel wealthier.

Positive Affirmations

Saying positive affirmations daily can help you to open up your mind to wealth. Try these or make up some of your own:

  • I am thankful for the money I’m getting right now.
  • I’m abundant and a divine person.
  • Money flows right through me.
  • Money is very attracted to me.
  • Even right now I’m attracting wealth to myself.

You have to say them but more importantly you have to feel them. Say them until you believe that they are true.

Open Up Your Reality

You have to change your own reality and your personality to attract money to your life. You can’t be mad or upset about things all the time or this is what you’re going to attract. Do you always feel like a victim? If so, you’re going to attract people that will make you a victim.

If you are able to see yourself as loved and prosperous then you will attract these kinds of people to your life. You have the choice in which you embrace. Manifesting money is the same way. You have to have an attitude that money is going to be good to you to get money to be good to you.

Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

You need to change your thought patterns and let go of beliefs that have limited you. Some people hold on to things from their childhood that has limited them or made them feel that they could never have money. Have you ever had someone say, “Stop wasting that! Money doesn’t grow on trees!” These kinds of statements could have made you feel that money is bad and now is the time to change that negative energy to something new and good.

Use Crystals

Use crystals when you’re awake and sleeping. One crystal that is very powerful is Citrine. Find one that is real and put it in your wallet or your purse. You might not want to use this crystal while you’re sleeping because it has a lot of energy and can keep you awake.

Using these crystals can help you to manifest good things in your life such as money, relationships, good health and more. Whatever you need, find a crystal that fits your needs.

Final Thoughts

Make sure that you’re in alignment with whatever you desire. Get rid of beliefs that tell you that you can never have enough and embrace the fact that you can bring money right into your own pocket. Be at peace with money and your finances and don’t let anything hold you back from manifesting money.

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