How to Win the Lottery

People often wonder if a psychic can give the winning lottery numbers. The truth is, they cannot but here are some ways that you can increase your chances to win.

Can I Win the Lottery?

People win the lottery every day and there is always a chances for you to win. There are different things in your life that can affect if you win the lottery or not such as your past karma.

Did you have past life karma that helps you to have good finances or is your karma giving you bad finances?  Some people come back in the life as someone with a lot of money. If you were one that doesn’t then that means you probably have lessons that you need to learn.

You can get your Akashic Records read and find out if you have past life karma that is going to hold you back from getting the money that you want in your life.

Best Ways to Win the Lottery

Once you get your Akashic Records and you know what is holding you back from winning the lotter, chances are that you can increase your odds by doing these things:

Get Your Akashic Records Read

You can secure your life by having your records read. You can see a psychic to do this, and they can tell you about winning the lottery and the destiny that you have to get money.

Use Intuition

Always use your intuition when you pick the lottery numbers. The universe has given you this gift to help you and if you feel attracted to a number, choose it.

You might be natural at picking numbers that make you feel good. If you feel drawn to a number because of a meaning, choose those numbers. Get a lottery app to help you remember what numbers you want to play.

Play the Perfect Game

When you go to play the lottery, you need to have realistic expectations. Don’t spend more than you want to lose in case you don’t win.

Each state has different lotteries that you can play and before you choose which game, look at the odds of winning. Pick games that have better odds and go for smaller prizes.

Lottery Pools

One way to win the lottery is to get into lottery pools. This increases your chances of winning something. Join pools at the office or with friends.

Lottery Winning

Imagine that you win the jackpot, but you forget to check your numbers, or you lose your ticket. When you buy a ticket, put it somewhere that you will see it until the drawing happens and then you can check the numbers.

Throwing Away the Ticket

Even if you don’t win right away sometimes the lottery tickets give you another chance to win something such as a second drawing. Fill out the ticket on the back and take a bonus chance if it is offered.

Secure Your Winnings

If you get a chance to win, make sure that you protect yourself. Sign the back of the tick and do not give it to someone and ask if you won but check your own numbers. You can look online or in the newspaper to see the winning numbers.

Don’t lose your ticket along the way when you go to cash in your winnings.


When you do the things above you can increase your chances of winning the lottery. Even though you do these things you will not be guaranteed to get a win. Remember that life is all about free will and you can use your psychic giftings to help you to have a financial breakthrough that you need.

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