When You Feel Other People’s Feelings?

Everyone has feelings and everyone has chakras and auras. The chakra is the energy center in your body that controls your feelings, emotions, physical being and mental being.

The aura is what surrounds you and helps you to get rid of negative energies in your life and helps you to stay positive and strong.

When the chakra center is blocked or unbalanced, it can leave you feeling frustrated, sick, emotional, and more.

When your aura is full of negativity, it can have the same symptoms as a blocked chakra.

There are ways to cleanse both your aura and your chakra system and to stay full of energy and to feel happy and at peace in your life.

Feelings of Others

Have you ever been around someone that was sad and then out of nowhere you started feeling sad?

Have you ever gone to a place that there were many different people, and you were picking up different feelings and emotions? You might be happy one minute and then angry the next and you don’t even know why?

Have you ever walked into a room, and you felt that there was tension in the room, and you found out later that two people were in there right before you and they were fighting about something?

Empath Feelings

A person that feels the feelings of others is called an empath. This is a psychic giftings where you can pick up the energies and feelings of people and places. You can feel the energy of a place or the energies of people that were in that place.

A person that is very empathic will have to be careful about the places that they go because it makes it hard for them to deal with all of the energy.

They might go into a room where there were happy people and then feel happy but then go to another room where there were sad people and feel sad.

An empath will begin to feel the same feelings of the room and the people around them.

How to Know if You are an Empath

How can you tell if you are an empath? Here are some ways:

  • You have a hard time being in crowded rooms.
  • You don’t enjoy going to thrift stores.
  • You pick up the emotions of people that you are around.
  • People come to you for advice.
  • You feel that you need a lot of alone time.

If you have any of these things that happen to you on a regular basis, chances are that you are an empath and that you were blessed with this gift from the universe. Embrace your gift and help others but make sure to not get overwhelmed with your own emotions.

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