Ways of knowing whether you are having visitation dreams

It’s through a visitation dream that you can know if your deceased loved ones are trying to connect with you. You do not have to request a visitation dream for one to come to you.

Your loved one still exists in their personality and identity forms just that they don’t have a physical body.

The only distinction between yourself and your loved ones is in the worlds that we both are in. us we are in the physical plane, while your loved ones exist in the spiritual plane.

It takes time and energy to transcend and cross between these two planes. This is frequently known as through the veil.

Amazingly, our loved ones are now living in a world where time and energy are limitless. Due to this, they frequently have the freedom to visit anytime they feel like.

When visitation dreams happen

They come 7-10 days after the death of a loved one following the transition known as the crossing-over window.

However, it’s quite normal to begin sensing your loved one anytime during the first 49 days after crossing over. This is known as the Bardo period.

Visitation dreams can begin occurring anywhere between eight weeks and two years once the crossing-over window or Bardo period is done.

Your loved ones in the spirits will be so happy to connect with you and make you know that they exist even after death.

They go through a lot to get your attention, these include; producing physical touch, making noise and sending you signs and symbols. Nevertheless, in this busy world, this is usually still not enough.

 How to know if a visitation dream is truly a visitation dream:

  • They make you feel good and relaxed. You might wake up missing them and begin contemplating hard, but you won’t experience fear or worry after a visitation dream.
  • They frequently involve divine light or hyper-reality. They are very lucid, very vivid and very crispy dreams.
  • They frequently include a direct address. There is some kind of direct exchange between you and the deceased.

Visitation dreams usually have magical experiences. Therefore, if you encounter one, soak in it and share it with others who are ready to hear. Consider yourself very lucky if you happen to receive one.

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