Past Life You Lived

Have you felt like you were not on this earth for the first time and that you were an old soul?  Do you find that you have feelings about places that you have never been or fears about things that you never messed with?  Have you ever wondered why you were here?

If you have had any of these things in your mind, chances are that you are reincarnated into this earth for a second or third time.  Many believe that there are prior lifetimes and that when people look at the vibrations of the physical world that they ask questions about things including reincarnation.

Some believe that there are people on the earth that we have seen before and this time around is when we meet them again and find out who they are.


Some ask question about why they are here, who put them here and other questions about where the existence came.  Teacher, religion and governments don’t give this answer to people and it can cause a person to want to separate form themselves and the world.  They might feel depressed and like they are an outsider.

Society might tell them that life was about getting a job, going to school, dying, taking care of people and when you live this life, maybe you wondered if this is all there was to it.

When someone has past life regression, it means that they can go to therapy and get into a state where they can remember things, maybe even from their past life.  When doing this, it is important to have an open mind.

You might go into a past life and find out that you were a teacher, that you were tortured or a slave.  You might find that you were a healer or a passionate person.  Maybe you were an animal or a child or an adult.  You can find answers that you were seeking and figure out who you are and what your identity is.

Maybe you will find that your purpose is to help others and to understand what other people are going through.

If you have had this awakening, you might have dogged deeper and figure out who you are and what your past was like.

If you have past life regression done, here are some things you might find out:

  • Reincarnation is real.
  • Time is different than we know.
  • We aren’t who we think we are.
  • We are a part of other things we have seen and been before.
  • We can reincarnate to anything living.
  • There are things we don’t know

Time Travel

When you experience past life regression, you will travel to another time.  You will remember your past lifetimes and you will be able to take the knowledge of your past life and understand who you are.

Everything that you believe can be a reality and you will keep understanding your realities and not even know it.  You will see things and believe them, and you will be able to remember your past life and think about who you were.

You can recognize this information and know that you are in your past life and that you know these things are true.


You can find a balance between what is real and what is not.  Even if you have irrational thoughts, it does not mean that you are remembering something and it can mean that you are making something up, but most things will be real.

If you are afraid of swimming, chances are you have drowned, and your past will tell you these things.  Expand your mind and allow your past to lead you to your past life.

In order to understand your connection, you have to look at things with a deep understanding.  If there are things you are attached to, write them down and figure out why.

Make a list of fears that you have and that you do not understand.  If there were no connections to the fears in this lifetime, circle them and keep them close with you.

Find Out

Take time to dig into your past life.  Allow yourself to figure out who you are and what experiences and memories that you have.  Allow yourself to put your ego aside and get rid of the negative ideas and thoughts about this.

Do not defend yourself or put up walls but be ready to face reality.  Let the voices inside of you tell you what to do and let you to move forward.

Your conscious mind will come and help you without judging you and without fear.  You will let your brain give you messages that you might not understand but if you have harmony with your brain and your ego then you will figure things out.

This is hard to do when you have been taught something your whole life.  You have to make your mind quiet and take time to meditate on what is going on in your life.  Let your emotions go and allow yourself to be quiet and not busy.  Let your brain have a rest and put your mind on quiet.

When you are quiet, let your conscious mind come and meditate and figure out what you are aware of.  Let your consciousness follow you and let your mind let go of things around you and let the possibilities be at your fingers.

When your mind is quiet, let go of the things of the world that you are attached to and explore what you are seeing.

Learn how to keep your ego and mind quiet and let yourself tap into the source of goodness.  Seek a past life regression therapist to help you to do this or listen to meditation recordings that can help you through the process.


Expand what you believe and what you see as reality.  Remember, you don’t know everything.  Be aware of what your attachments and fears are and what is coming from you that doesn’t make sense.  You hold power inside of yourself in order to help you have a chance to find out what your past was really like.

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