Being Spiritually Blocked

Do you always feel that you are trying to love life and you keep having the same bad attractions of people and things happening to you over and over again?

You might be blocked spiritually if those things happen to you.  You might find that you are in relationships where you keep getting dumped and you will feel like your heart is broken.  Maybe you don’t know what is wrong with you and you don’t know why you are not able to find the right person.  You realize you are kind and caring but you don’t understand why you are so broken.

This is a sign that you are spiritually blocked.  This is something that can affect your chakras especially your sacral chakra and heart chakra.  Things will keep repeating if you don’t get these chakras unblocked.  Then, maybe you realize that there is nothing wrong with you but that you just need to heal.

This time of healing can help you through your journey and help you to grow and to make it through suffering.  You can allow your heart to learn to be compassionate and kind and you can have joy in your life.

You will have your own karma that you have to face and with this is lessons that you will learn.  They are not there for a bad purpose but to teach you why you are here.

A spiritual block can give you insight on what your life is like in the spirit realm and how to heal it.  A spiritual block can happen over and over again and can be frustrating and hard to accept.  You might even believe that you are depressed and that you have a mental illness, this all can be a spiritual block.

When you fall at the bottom and feel like everything is lost and over, it will be a time when you will realize that you need to be healed spiritually.  You might have a mess in your finances and in your career and you might question everything about your purpose in life.

Some blocks are huge while other are small and it depends on your past life and what karma you have gathered.  You might have past trauma from a previous life that is bringing you down and you might not understand that yet.

Some people are born with blocks and they are there to make you feel broken and unlovable so that you can realize that you have strength and courage in order to deal with any obstacle.  They will help you to heal and let go of your past and learn what you need to do in life.

When your spiritual blocks are clear, you will be in alignment with your soul.  This will allow you to do your greatest good and to live a healthy life with good relationships.

You will begin to feel better and happier, not to mention, healthier.  You will see that you can be loved, and you will be able to work through things.

There might even be a peace that you feel in your body and when you look back at your emotions, you will realize that these feelings are not what joy was and now you know what real joy is.  A spiritual block can cause you to feel betrayed and angry.  You might even attract people that are abusers or narcissist and not know how to protect yourself.

When you are experiencing levels of poverty or you have no income, you will learn to create a place that will condition you and open up your chances of receiving money from the universe.

If you find that you are in pain, then you need to learn to use your own power with love and compassion to get better.  You can have blocks for many reasons and even your chakras being blocked is a spiritual thing.

All of the chakras have a part of your body and can cause physical and mental problems when they are blocked.  If the root chakra is blocked, for example, chances are you will have bad relationships, and this can happen from trauma that you experienced when you were young.  You might have begun to believe that you are not good and that you deserve nothing.

When you have these beliefs, you will have more pain and even physical or autoimmune pain.  You will possibly get sick and get a disease.  This can affect you and can cause you to close down on yourself.

When your chakras are blocked, it can cause you to lack love.  You have to learn to heal.

You can learn to heal by doing good things for others.  Learn to not judge others and to meditate when you are feeling bad.  You have to love others and be compassionate so that you can heal yourself.  Observe how you talk about people and even write it down.

Look to see what kind of patterns you repeat in your relationships and in your money and other situations.  Look at different things in your life and figure out what your situation is.  What can you do with this information?  Look at it from an insight perspective and see that you need to correct some things.

Always surrender to the universe and let the universe guide you.  When you are blocked, you have to learn how to open up your spirit realm and heal your chakras.  You have to do an emotional cleansing so that you can get rid of your past trauma and your past pain.  You have to be safe and work together to make sure that you do not have anymore emotional breakdowns.

Keep your journey true by being true to yourself and being honest about your current situation.  Look at your situation and see if you are feeling scared or afraid.  Stop distracting yourself from your feelings and learn to face them.  Use your time wisely and find things to do that will help you to feel better.

Align your soul with the universe and you can get rid of your blocks so that you can meet your soulmate.  Learn to work at healing and then when you meet your soulmate, it will be the right time.  Know that beyond your mistakes, you are worthy of being loved and you will have a meaningful and joyful life.  You are a great person and will do great things.

Always practice loving yourself and moving on from your past.

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