Connecting with the Spirit Guides

People have spirit guides that are given to them before they are born, and they help to represent our unconscious mind and are a symbol to help us to be whole in our lives. Some people use their spirit guides as their higher selves and no matter what they believe about them, their understanding is what is needed for the guides to direct and support them.

Spirit guides are part of the elements in life and can help humans to experience things that give them happiness, freedom and peace. When you begin your journey, your spirit guides will be there to help you.

Spirit Guides

The spirit guides are the forces from the universe that can be a creature, a god, goddess, angel, animal or some other interdimensional being.

The spirit guide will use its spirit to embody its energy to your life to teach you, give you comfort when you are upset, tell you things that you do not know and to warn you of incoming danger. The spirit guide will also help you to grow and to learn more about who you are.

The mystery of the spirit guide is that no one is really sure if they exist on a different dimension or if they are just part of our mind, but that is something you can ask your guide and seek answers on.

The spirit guides are both a major guide that lead us to life lessons and our minor guides that help us with things that we struggle with on a daily basis.

Seeing Your Spirit Guide

When you find out who your spirit guide is, it can be different for you than it was for someone else. Your experience will differ, and you will find that your guide is a part of you that works with your intention to give you a strong mind and to help you with your life.

You will find through your journey that they will imitate you in things such as shadow work, in your dreams and just signs in your present life.

Always believe and allow the spirit guides to find you and take their advice. Make a strong connection with your guide and allow there to be truth in what you believe.  Get rid of doubt and allow there to be error in what you have read or heard so that you can have a direct experience that is your own.

Types of Guides

There are different types of guides that come in different shapes and forms. You might find that your guide has entered the room where you are at and you will feel your hair stand on end or you will know something that you do not know where it came from.

The possibilities of who you will meet are endless.


The Trans-Species is a spirit guide that is half a person and half a beast. It can come in the form of a mermaid, a fairy, a jackal, an animal or something maybe you have never seen before. This guide will reveal things to you of your shadow self and will help to heal your wounds.


This spirit is popular and is part of the ancient culture. It can be Chinese or American and it is an animal or a totem that meets our needs and our desires. You can contact this spirit guide if you need to do an animal reading.

Light Worker

This kind of spirit guide is known as your guardian angel and is referred to as a light being or a light worker. They help you when you are grieving or when you are facing death. They are full of light.


Your ancestral guides will have a blood connection to you and can be someone that has passed away or someone that you have never met.

This guide can be part of your shamanic journey from the past and they are connecting with you now to help you not to be lonely and to help change your life for the better.


The Shamans believe that plants and anything that is living has energy. This means that you can meet your spirit guides through plants, and you can get in touch with their spirits in nature.

Some, such as the Banisteriopsis Caapi is known as the “vine of the soul” and they can help to guide you inside and outside of your being. The plants can be a symbol of things you have experienced or a mental or emotional growth.

Gods and Goddesses

These spirit guides were once worshiped, and they want to help you no matter what culture you are from. There are many of these that can help you in your world such as Lakshmi, Kali, Apollo and others.


The masters or the ascended masters are ones that come to you so that you can have a spiritual awakening. They can help you to be enlightened and will be your teacher and your guide. They will teach anyone who calls on them and they will work to make sure that you are happy, and you have peace in your life.

Some of the ascended masters include Confucius, Babaji, Buddha and more.

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