The reason some individuals dream in black and white

What is a dream? These are the encounters when we are asleep or in a conscious state. They happen to people who are sleeping and on the rapid eye movement.  The high-frequency electrical activity in the brain indicates a dream during sleep. Dreams resemble waking experience in many ways that we hear, see, feel emotion. […]

How to Discern Karmic Debt Levels

Karmic debts are the fascinating cyclical process of interrupting and balancing positive and negative energies. The levels of karmic debt involve people exerting their will on other people’s souls. Karmic debts serve as an incentive to actively engage in life. To have a meaningful life, you want to create karmic debts with other people, you […]

Ways of knowing whether you are having visitation dreams

It’s through a visitation dream that you can know if your deceased loved ones are trying to connect with you. You do not have to request a visitation dream for one to come to you. Your loved one still exists in their personality and identity forms just that they don’t have a physical body. The […]

Ways of using spiritual cleansing to release bad energy

What is spiritual cleansing? This is the everyday practice of releasing bad energy. It is the habit of consistently reaffirming that your spirit is pure. All things consist of universal energy in the practice of spiritualism. According to Albert Einstein, the whole universe is made of energy. Ways of undertaking a spiritual cleanse There are […]

Signs that You Might Be Clairsentient or Someone Who Feels Deeply for Things

The ability to get information through feelings is the psychic gift called clairsentience.  Most people do not even know that they have this ability or that they are blessed with a gift. Most people are born with a way to get information and that is why it is easy for kids and animals to create […]

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