Reaching Your Higher Self

If you want to reach your higher self, there are things that you can do to make that happen. Here are some ways that you can reach your higher self:


Meditating can help you to clear your mind and to clear your thinking so that you can hear signs that the universe wants to give you.

When you have a quiet mind, you are able to listen to your soul. You have been living many lifetimes and you get knowledge and information each time you are alive.

Even though when you are reborn you forget your past, your spirit still remembers that. Meditating is a way that you can reach your higher self and you can know the things that you feel and see.


You have to learn to let go of fear and doubt and learn to believe in what you believe in. Change the way that you think and ask questions.

Make sure that you are saying positive things into the atmosphere because negative things will hold you back. Affirm things are happening in your life and accept that your life is good. If you repeat positive things over and over again, you will reach your higher self.

This will stop you from having doubt and will help you to be inspired in your life.


You must forgive and love yourself and stop judging who you are and what you have done. People need to forget their past and stop making bad choices over and over again.

You also have to forgive those that have hurt you or betrayed you. Forgiving them is the first step and forgiving yourself is the second step.

Know that you experience things for a reason and stop feeling guilty or ashamed because of it. If you have people in your life that have hurt or abused you, make peace with that and leave it in the past. Allow forgiveness to flow.


The universe wants you to have joy. Never ask questions about things that give you happiness but learn to embrace it and accept it.

Stop doubting that you can be happy and reach inside of yourself and find positive things to think about.

Spirit Guides and Angels

Learn to connect with your spirit guides and your angels so that you can have peace and love. This will stop you from being angry and confused and lonely.

Get rid of negativity that you have in your life and let these things inspire you. This can heal you of your broken heart or any pain that you have and can bring you peace.

Your angels and guides love you and they want you to have joy and peace in yourself and the world around you.

See Events as Inspiring

Look at the different things that you go through in life and know that these events, even if they are negative, are there to help you reach your higher self and to grow.


No one has the same life and the same things that they go through. Everyone goes through hard things and it is how you accept them and move on that matters. Believe that you can be the best that you can be.

Even if things are hard, learn to deal through these things and learn to know that your happiness will come with time.

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