Signs You Are About to Find Your Soulmate

Are you in a place where you have meditated and visualized your soulmate? Where you have done your shadow work and your inner child healing and you know that you want to manifest your soulmate, but you wonder when they will come?

Everyone wants to have their chance to find love. They want to find their soulmate and experience what life has for them. Many people will have many different relationships through their life, and some will be good while others are bad, but most people are really waiting to meet that one soul connection that is the one for them.

Finding your real partner will mean that you need to do a lot of inner work. You will have to get rid of things that are stopping you from finding love such as your beliefs and your thoughts. Knowing when he will come into your life is not a concrete answer because you are the one that actually controls this.

When you obsess about a certain time that something should happen, this automatically creates blockages from your soulmate coming to you. You have to know that the universe will send this person to you when the time is right. It will be the perfect partner at the perfect time. The best thing that you can do is to keep working on who you are and trusting that the universe has your best interest in mind. If you need more motivation, know that your soulmate is depending on you to get ready for him to come to you.

As soon as you are ablet o manifest your soulmate, the universe will start making things happen. While you wait, the universe will start giving you signs. You need to look for these signs and keep working on yourself until you are ready for your soulmate to come.

The universe never fails and will send you different signs. Here are some signs that you might have already have or that are going to come to you so that you can know how to manifest your soulmate:

New Opportunities

If you have been working on your inner self, you know that you have to sometimes be uncomfortable to make things happen. If you want to have a better career or you want to get your finances in order, you have to get out of your comfort and do things that are hard.

The same thing happens when you are ready to manifest your soulmate. You will have to do things differently than you were doing them before. You have to stop looking at others and you have to start saying yes to things that come to your life such as new opportunities and new people.

Do you ever go somewhere, and you see something close happening by you, and you think you might want to go? If you feel this, then you need to go because this can be your chance to get closer to your soulmate. Take on every opportunity or event that you feel good about and go to it. You never know what might happen.

Have you gotten event invitations or been invited to places you never thought you would want to go? The universe could be guiding you to a place to expand your life and the possibilities before you.

Explore new things and experiences and do what you can to be on the right path of your soulmate.


Were you addicted to something or in a bad relationship? Many people have to deal with these things and find a way to get free of them so that they can do inner work and become better.

If you are a person that has went through pain in your life such as betrayal, a bad breakup, getting free from addiction, then you will realize that your awakening is on its way to you.

The people that you used to have in your life have caused you to have unhealthy thing and you have to get past these things and learn to find something better for yourself.  Let go of people that cause you to feel bad and that you don’t want to tolerate.

You may be going through your awakening, and this can be hard and confusing, but your soul will push you to reach your higher good. When you do this, it can confuse you, but it is a decision that you want to make.

An awakening is a time where you are changing your life and you are getting rid of bad things that are holding you back. Your soulmate will be your healthy relationship and you have to give up bad things to get something better.

No matter what the awakening brings you, learn to forgive yourself and those that have hurt you. Find a new way to be healthy and find a partner that makes you feel good. It can be hard to forgive others but unforgiveness will block your love. Forgiving yourself and your past partners will help you to get past this hurtful behavior and not to be negative or angry.

When you forgive yourself and others, you will get past your bitterness, and you will open a door for your soulmate to come through.

No More Searching for True Love

Do you feel that you are about to give up on finding true love?  Even when you have manifested your soulmate and you have met new people that you know are not your soulmate, chances are that you might feel tired of looking for love. You might want to give up on manifesting people in your life. When this happens, this is a sign that your soulmate is on its way.

Why would you look at things and expect good things to come to you when all you want to do is give up?  Giving up is a surrender and it is a good thing. Know that when you are ready to give up and stop looking at your own things that the universe is there to show you that your soulmate is on his way.

When you see evidence that you are about to give up, this will be a time where the universe is mixing up a way to get your soulmate to you.

Take time to look at yourself and see what kind of partner you really want in your life. Know exactly what you want to attract to yourself and why.


The universe will let things happen around you that seem like coincidence. Maybe everywhere you go the same song plays or you see the messages on the radio that make you feel stronger about love.

It’s not just the songs that are playing but you seem to see things around you, and you start getting calls from people that you have never know inviting you to new events.

The universe will give you signs and symbols that you need to start recognizing. Maybe you see a specific animal over and over again when you go outside. You might have seen numbers that are repeating, or you may feel that your dreams are more romantic than ever. Pay attention to these things that give you joy and make you feel peaceful. This can be a sign that your soulmate is near.

Another sign that you are manifesting your soulmate is when you feel déjà vu. Do you go places, and you feel that you have been there before, or you look at a picture and you feel that you were at the picture? Your soul will let you know when your soulmate is close.

According to reincarnation, you will have soul contracts with your soulmate. When you have déjà vu, it reminds you about things that you have encountered in your past life. It will make you feel like you know things more than ever.

Trusting the Universe

You will manifest things when you have peace and love. When you do the inner work that you need to do to better yourself then your soulmate will be on his way. You have to learn to trust in the universe and believe that you are being guided correctly.

You will have more faith and you will not be concerned with things such as timing and other things that you used to worry about.

You will wait patiently for your soulmate to come, and you will have a clear mind and good intentions along the way.

You will know that your soulmate is just about to come to you, and you will give up on being impatient and needy. You will take back your power and you will use your intuition to guide you along every step of the way.

You will see that your perfect partner is coming to you and your soulmate will be there. Make sure to do all the work that you need to do so that the universe can bring your soulmate to you.

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