Financial Abundance

There are ways that people can bring abundance to themselves. Some will learn how to understand ecology and abundance and others will know that there are paths of the wealth below the ground.

The below ground paths of abundance are part of different cultures and education and where we work.

The above ground path of abundance is things that you can see that can help you such as tress, leaves, seeds, farming and other things we can get from the environment such as houses and water.

When we can connect with others and share our gifts with them, we know that we can get more investment and growth, and this can happen in our lives and the world around us.

The earth will make a full circle and give us a path to spiritual and ecological growth. When you can focus on abundance you will know that you are part of the above ground of abundance and there are different spiritual things that you can do so that you can manifest abundance to yourself.

Tips to Manifest

There are different tips that you can use to manifest abundance to yourself and here are some of them:


If you get a reading on the finances in your life, you will go to a psychic and they would talk to you about abundance. Chances are that the psychic would see different words and images that would influence you and what you call to yourself.

You can do these things yourself and you can figure out how to attract abundance to yourself by opening up how you receive things and by making things easier for you to get.

You also will have to have boundaries because of energy and when you tune into manifesting things you can see these things coming to you. The spirit being is always going to be there to try to help you get abundance and improving your boundaries.

A spirit will often increase your abundance because they want you to feel good and when you take action and offer things to the spirit world it can help you a lot.

Visualize your energy and do this so that you can do your own reading. What sensations do you feel and what are some ideas that you are bringing abundance to yourself?

See if you see themes that repeat themselves or messages that are trying to show you a path.

Negative Talk

You will have to change your negative thinking to positive thinking if you want to call abundance to yourself. The more you are positive the more you can see things come to you.

You have to stop saying things such as:

  • I will never be able to afford that.
  • I cannot handle money well.
  • Money will change how I am.

Instead, you have to say things such as:

  • I know how to save money.
  • I do good when I spend my money.
  • I am learning more about money.
  • Money changes people but it can be for a good purpose.

Define Money

Your guides will help you to define your money problems and what you should do with your money.

When you know why you need money and what your purpose behind having money is, you will see that you can attract it easier.

When you know these things, you will get money faster because you know what your desires are, and you know what your guide is wanting you to see.

People will be more satisfied when they feel that their money is being made and spent wisely.

Spirit of Guardians

The spirits of the earth will help you with your finances and they can help to guide you towards wealth and happiness. These guardians can help you with your money situations and with your physical being.


When you want to call money to yourself, make sure that you pay attention to the energies of the money and why you want to call money to yourself.

Focus on what you are manifesting and be inspired by what you need and why. If you take a step forward, you will be able to call money to you that will help you and will help you to get what you want and need in your life.

When you learn to attract things to you, this means you are growing in your spiritual journey and you are exercising the power that the earth and the energies have given to you.

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