Attracting Money

When you want to attract abundance in your life, this is something that you need to learn to practice and to learn how to do. When you practice, chances are you can call money and wealth to yourself.


Everyone has needs and you need to be clear about the needs you have before you begin to manifest money to yourself. Do you need a job that pays better, or do you feel that you are not able to budget your money? Figuring out what you need is the most important step that you can take to bring money to yourself. If you are looking just to have more money, this might not work for you.

Have a goal. Do you want to grow your business or boost the income you are making? Figure out what you want and once you know, get started getting money to yourself.


You have to have an intention that is clear before you begin manifesting things. When you want to have more wealth, you have to imagine in your mind what you want. You need to have a number so that you can give it to the universe. You need to have a goal that you can reach and once you have a number, write it down. You can put it on your calendar or in your journal. Once you write down your intent, you can send it to the universe.


Believe in what you are asking for and have a good attitude. Work with your words to be positive and to let the universe know what your dreams are. When someone asks you how things are, tell them things are good and good things will come towards you.


People work to get more money each day and when you want manifestation to happen, you have to let the energy come to you. Do not make excuses for not getting things done and do not procrastinate. Learn to change your mindset to be positive.

Encourage Abundance

One great thing you can start doing is to set up a place to meditate and to say your intentions. Use a quiet room and meditate without distraction. Create this space to be sacred and this way you can send your intentions to the universe. Put things in the room such as stones or crystals that bring money, herbs, candles, and more.

Some stones are stronger for this such as Pyrite, Citrine or Malachite which are abundance stones. You can also pray Florida Water on your money or light green candles. The color green is a money manifestation color.

You can also put coins and bills on your alter to see your money grow. Keep talking about the manifestation desires you have, and you will see that you can not only call money to yourself, but you can increase your skills of calling things to yourself. Most importantly, have an open mind and believe in yourself and help from the universe.

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