Feng Shui Relationships

One of the best types of work as a spiritual psychotherapist is helping people to have joy and fun in their relationship.  When a person or people can de-clutter their mind, they will have more joy and will be able to be happy naturally.  With Feng Shui, the Fire Element takes over relationships and it is not a surprise that joy is part of the Fire Element

When you think about what attracts you to your partner, you will realize that you are happy and attracted to someone.  You are drawn to someone you like, and you are drawn by their energies.

The Feng Shui is powerful, and couples can use it to make their relationships happier.


You want to be present when you are with your partner.  Sometimes, people get stuck in the past and they will never be able to move on or be happy.  They can take happy memories and struggles that they have done together and learn to move on.  You can live your future and be happy of the moments happening now.

No Blame Game

When you care about someone, you need to stop playing the blame game.  This is a waste of time and energy and it ends up hurting everyone.  When you are cluttered and your mind is confused, you have to learn to move past this and not to blame your partner for everything that goes wrong.

Of course, you should always be true and speak truth of your feelings but learn to do this without blame.


We have to forgive in order to move on in life.  Talk about things that are bothering you and choose to be forgiving.

Forgiveness is a choice and when you know that something has hurt you, even if you have hurt yourself, you have the choice to stay in it or to move on and forgive.

When you know this, you can do better.  When you allow someone to be forgiven, you take back the power in your own life and you learn to open up your heart to your partner.  The heart is part of the Fire Element and so when you open your heart, you open up this element.

When you are forgiving each other, you will become a body that is open to healing and to getting better.  This will make you stronger and make your feelings for your partner better, bring you joy and happiness.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a practice that can allow you to be able to see your relationship to get stronger and to be healed.  You need to practice this so that you can get stronger and so that you can stay balanced and focused on what your life is bringing to you.

By being centered and focused, you can learn to love each other deeper than imagined and you can learn to move on in life and have more joy than you ever imagined.

Imagine your life based on peace and joy and what kind of happiness this kind of life would bring you.  Use Feng Shui in order to achieve this higher state and to make your love have a purpose in this life and in the life to come.

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