Feng Shui and Wealth

Feng shui, or geomancy, is the ancient Chinese system of art and science widely believed to harmonize and balance the flow of energy related to the spatial arrangement and orientation of objects. Feng means water, which carries Chi, or the universal force of life, through spatial areas. Shui means water, which is responsible for transporting Chi.

Your life is affected by energy that is not balanced or that is not free to flow. Your finances are one area that can be impacted. So here are five practical steps you can take to help achieve that balance and let the energy—and the assets—flow more freely to your benefit.

  1. Location, Location, Location

It’s the mantra of every real estate professional: location, location, location. The right home in the wrong location turns it into the wrong home. No matter what you do to the inside and outside of the home, its likely you can’t move the home. So be sure to choose a home that’s in the best location for you, so you live in the right place.

Living in a run-down neighborhood does not inspire prosperity or success. And in most cases, living on a dead-end street is just as negative as it sounds. Additionally, size does matter. Living in a small space hinders wealth.

Even if you’ve nailed the location aspect, cramming yourself into a small space there places restrictions upon your potential. Energy needs space to move and flow, and living in a larger place can act to promote wealth.

If you’re stuck in the wrong location and a move isn’t an option for you, you should at least make it a goal to fix the broken things around your household, so things run smoothly. Replace the broken smoke detector in the hall, or tighten up the leaking faucet in the kitchen. Dripping water can symbolize the loss of wealth!

  1. Include Water in Your Surroundings

In feng shui, water that’s flowing gently is related to finances and money. Water is what makes the land fertile and abundant, hence the link with money. According to feng shui , people should live in places where they have a view of a body of water, as it’s considered a draw for the energies of wealth, happiness and good luck.

But if a puddle is the biggest body of water you have the ability to live near, there are other things you can to to include water in your setting. Artificial bodies of water, such as fountains, or a fish tank or fish pond, will stand in just fine. If you decide to populate the fish tank or fish pond, choose one that’s large enough for nine fish: one black fish and eight gold ones. The black is a symbol of protection, and the gold will attract wealth. It’s common for Chinese to think of money when they see fish, so this is considered a “slient affirmation” in the world of feng shui.

  1. Find Your Prosperity Zone

Do you know the location of your own personal financial “power spot”? The back left corner of a space is generally connected with rosperity. Stand inside at the front of your house, facing towards the back. Your financial power spot is on your left-hand side of the house, at the back of the house.

You should arrange your furniture and accessories so there is not any clutter in this area of your home. Clutter stagnates the flow of energy, so if your financial power spot is cluttered, your cash flow will likely be clogged. Further, the back left corner of each room has a financial power spot. If you can, make sure that area of each room is well lit. You can even increase the lighting effect with chandeliers, crystals and mirrors.

  1. Value Money, But Give Freely

How do you personally handle your cash? Do you have crumpled bills stashed all over, or do you store them neatly folded in a money clip or wallet? Let your financial feng shui evergy flow by showing respect for your money, that you really appreciate its value.

But don’t hold on to that cash too tightly! Since money is a form of feng shui energy, it needs to be free to circulate and flow through your life, not only in to it. So live your life with an eye to ways you can be generous with your money. When you give, you are leaving the space to allow a greater abundance to flow in and through. It’s like you’re declaring that you have trust because you have much remaining after your needs are being met. If you’re in a place in your life where you don’t have enough money to be generous with, find other ways of expressing your trust by sharing of yourself, your energy and your time.

  1. Adjust Your Attitude

Your own attitude towards prosperity, money and wealth critical when it comes to the feng shui energy flow. Your present and future are being influenced by all of your past thoughts and feelings about wealth. You may need to find ways to clear yourself of those old beliefs and attitudes.

Have you always felt tha tmoney was evil? Or have you felt that the fact that you have money means that someone else necessarily doesn’t? If so, you need to remove those negative thoughts. One way to do this is to force your thoughts in a more positive direction. Start by telling yourself things like, “I’m worthy to be wealthy!” and “Wealth is certainly going to come my way!” And don’t just say those things. Write or type them out in a journal, and read through them. Try to repeat the phrases to yourself throughout the day, especially when you find yourself in situations where you’re handling or dealing with finances and money. If you do this every day, you should find yourself free of the negative thoughts in about six weeks.

Don’t forget to work gratitude into your new thought patterns and phrases. The more often you can take note of and put words to your gratitude for the good things in your life, even the small ones, the more good things will flow in your direction!

Without the right beliefs and perspectives, following all of the feng shui practices will be useless to you. Each thought and belief you’ve ever had about money and wealth will have an influence on the present and the future.

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