Asking Guardians for Signs and Money

Every one of us have guardian angels that stick with us in our lives for comfort and solace. They help us when we are in need. However, begging your angel for money is not the way to get help.

Instead, for financial blessings, try the following:

  • Cleanse your heart and mind
  • Sincerely reach out and share the need with your angel
  • Plainly express the exact need
  • Humbly ask for strength and courage to face the issue

Contacting Your Angel

While our angels are always around, they still want us to keep the lines of communication open through prayers, invocations, and a clear mind and heart. This is especially true when it is about financial needs. This is true regardless of historical or religious background because they want to help. Here are a few ways to connect.

  • Release your expectations both good and bad as you remember your angel has control over the future.
  • Be grateful in the circumstances you are in and how things could work out. This helps build courage and allows joy to flow in and out.
  • Your guardian angels love you and want to help, so believe they will do what is best.
  • When guidance is given, make sure you obey.

Spotting Signs

When you ask or request of an angel, it will not be fulfilled with a platter of money. We must know where to look for signs. These signs are not always as direct and can be culturally significant. Something such as an Irishman finding two four leaf clovers side by side would mean luck is on the way. This may not hold the same significance to someone of a different decent. We must simply ask, believe, and watch for the signs.

Beyond this, know that we cannot simply ask and then sit around waiting for money to magically appear. Angels are most willing to help those who are willing to help themselves. Start looking for a solution to allow your angel to guide.

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