Removing Energy from Your Disconnected Soulmate

One of the hardest things that you have to walk away from is a soulmate relationship.  When you meet your soulmate, these relationships are different than other relationships and they are stronger and more emotional.  So, when you have to break up or depart, it is harder and can be upsetting.

When you meet your soulmate, you have to remember that these relationships are not to last forever, and you have to learn to embrace the lessons that you are taught.  When your soulmate comes and is your partner, you learn that there are things that are not perfect, and it can become painful when it ends.

Something can make you pull back and still leave you wanting what you had.  When you are in these relationships, you need to understand what they really mean and understand that the universe has a plan for you.  Let go of a soulmate that has become disconnected.

Sending a Message

Make sure that you have a clear will and psyche and that you are prepared to understand the frustrations that you will face.  When you have a soulmate, you have to give yourself a few days to work through things and to understand that the feelings are not always healthy.  You have to learn to move on.

Sit down and write the universe a letter and tell your situation.  Let the universe know that you are sad and what is going on with you.  Roll it up and put it somewhere that you can see it. Each day, try to send the energy to the universe.

Take Time

You deserve to have time to greive.  When you are not in a relationship that meant so much to you, it can be hard for you to move on.  Allow yourself to cry and to move on.  Allow yourself to process what happened to you.

Wash yourself in a river or in the shower and let the water run over you and make you free.  Know that you need to move forward.

Move On

Allow yourself to move on and change your thought pattern.  Stop thinking of your soulmate because it will make you have pain and heartache.  Remember that you need to disconnect from them and learn to move on.  Try to create a list of things to think about.

List five things that youw ant to do in your future and what goals you have.  Mention the things that you have dreamed of doing and reorganize your thoughts and feelings.

Be Active

Exercise to keep your body strong.  Take time for you.  Go to the gym or go for walks.  Do whatever you can to increase your activity.  This can help your brain to process things better and help yout o heal.


Get rid of things in your house that reminds you of your soulmate.  If it is their clothes, donate them or give them away.  Move things around in the living room or the kitchen so they are different than when you were together.

Plant some flowers to get more energy.  Change your bedding and change how the rooms look.  Shop at different stores and go to other places to eat.  Remove any thoughts that you have about them until you are strong enough to see them without being upset.

Build a better you and learn to live with yourself.  Having a failed soulmate relationship is not the end of the world, maybe just the beginning for you.

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