Signs that You Might Be Clairsentient or Someone Who Feels Deeply for Things

The ability to get information through feelings is the psychic gift called clairsentience.  Most people do not even know that they have this ability or that they are blessed with a gift.

Most people are born with a way to get information and that is why it is easy for kids and animals to create things, even things that adults cannot do.  When a person becomes a teenager, they often get rid of the idea of being “weak” because it is looked down upon and some people consider these people to be crazy or insane.

The most common psychic gift is called clairvoyance which means that you can see things clearer than others see them and this is used to get information.  Clairaudience is another way to get information through hearing and claircognizance is the ability to know or clear knowing.  This is often teamed up with clairsentience.

Here are 25 ways that you can know if you are clairsentient:

#1.  You are very sensitive to the feelings you have.  You may have a strong reaction to emotions rather they are negative or positive.  You overthink things that do not bother other people.

#2.  You pick a small group to hang out with.  There are only a few people that don’t make you feel bad, tired or uncomfortable, so you are choosy with your group.

#3.  You know where the root of the problem comes from, immediately.  People come to you for advice or help because you can figure out the problem fast.

#4.  You love historical and ancient things.  When you visit places that have been inhabited for a long period of time, you get excited.  You feel the energy that has been there in the past.

#5.  You are empathetic.  You are able to understand people that disagree with you or have hurt you in the past.  You are able to heal and be compassionate because of this.

#6.  You love to be social even though your circle is small.  You are charming and interesting to everyone who meets you.  You are able to understand how they can connect with you.

#7.  You struggle with your emotions always.  You have had to learn how to control your emotions because at times they are very controlling.

#8.  You are uncomfortable in tight and cluttered areas.  You want to be in areas that are airy and bright because you can feel the vibration in any area that you are.  If you are in an area that is cluttered or crowded, it can cause there to be more energy.

#9.  You think deeply.  You are always asking why things happen or trying to figure out the purpose for the way things happen.

#10.  You use claircognizance with your clairsentience.  When you feel what a person is feeling, you can use clear thinking to understand what is really going on or to get more information that you need to know about the situation.

#11.  You understand that all things have energy.  You know that the way people use their energy creates the way things are felt.  You are careful about the things you do and what you say.

#12.  You have strong feelings that come from things that seem trivial.  You are aware of things that need healing.  Most people ignore things that are uncomfortable but you cannot and you have to heal them and learn from these things.

#13.  You have much wisdom for your age.  You know things that other people wouldn’t know even though you are younger than them.  You learn by intuition.

#14.  You are ahead of your time in many ways.  You understand things that are spiritual and going on around you before people around you see that they are even important.

#15.  You always felt different than others.  You always had a vivid imagination and you would behave differently than your peers and family.

#16.  If you are an introvert, there is a good chance you were hurt as an extrovert.  Since you are so sensitive to what others are feeling, you find that you get hurt enough to know that you have to have boundaries.

#17.  If you are an extrovert, you are a very sensitive extrovert.  You can only talk to other people for so long and you only survive the best when you are with your small circle that you trust.

#18.  You are very religious and spiritual.  There are things that were shown to you in the universe and why you are alive in it.

#19.  You can feel judgements about people right away.  Most of these always turn out to be true.

#20.  You don’t trust things that are told to you or what you see on the outside.  You only trust what you are feeling and this is from people to situations.  You can always read them in ways that they don’t even understand.

#21.  You have strong reactions to things that are wrong.  Even though you aren’t a perfectionist, you come across as being.  You love joy and happiness but it is because you are so understanding of your emotional experiences.

#22.  You can see people’s true intentions.  You can immediately know why people are acting a certain way or what their motives are.

#23.  You understand that you have pain because it is a gift.  When you have pain it gives you courage to grow and become a better person.  You never condemn people you just ask them what they need to say.

#24.  You have a strong spiritual connection with energies.  You spend a lot of time being in nature and waking up at night feeling other things in the room with you.

#25.  You want to help people.  You can see when people are suffering and you want to do whatever you can to take away their pain.

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