Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Many people over the years have tried to define what the soul is. There have been books, podcasts, internet and even today, with all the technology, there are many different definitions of what the soul is.

If you want to have your own definition as to what the soul is, you can think of it as your life force. This is how the life connects to the Earth and the parts of our body that respond to the different things such as music, happiness, love and more.

The shamanic healing practices of the soul allow people to get more information on what the soul is, and it can be the way that we express ourselves in life and how we live.

Structure of the Soul

The idea of the soul is part of the life force or where we remember things, experience things and how we perceive things. The soul is a structure that consists of different elements and includes the story of ourselves from our birth and even beyond that.

The soul that we have includes our genealogy such as our parents and other ancestors. This goes back to a time that we cannot even remember, to the place where the Earth was created and beyond the universe.

Those that want to heal the Earth are talking about the soul healing that they need. Since we are part of the earth and the universe, when we heal ourselves, we become an influence of the world. This is not something new or strange, this is just part of the ideas of the Native Americans where they believed strongly in soul healing.

Soul retrieval is part of the shamanic healing and helps to heal the soul. Soul loss can happen when you go through things that are traumatic or accidents, loss of those you love or even heartbreak.


Everyone wants to be healthy and happy and to have peace in their life and relationships. When you have trauma in your life, your soul suffers. Even if you are a survivor, the way that your conscious mind acts to trauma has to do with your soul.

Soul Loss

Soul loss can happen when you are very young and if something traumatic happened to you. This is a pattern that can repeat over and over and a wound that might show up again and again. This can be something that is hard to live through, but the conscious mind will help your soul to heal, but meditation is a very powerful part of the healing.

Shamanism does not look back at your past, it moves forward. There is no true separation of the past, present and future and when there is shamanic healing, there are traumatic events that can be healed and can help to restore the life force or the soul. This can help you to have a deep healing.

Soul loss is found in many different cultures. Even in the Tibetan Bon traditions, the Tibetan shamans would help to retrieve the souls. They called this lalu which means getting the soul back and chilu which means making the energy of the body and mind stronger. These different techniques are often found in a number of religions.

Soul loss can have different symptoms such as making you feel like you do not belong, feelings of dizziness, depression, fear, illnesses, and different diseases.


Getting to the root of the original trauma is important with soul loss and healing. People put up a block to hide their feelings when they have experienced soul loss, and this can cause them not to be able to heal.

You have to figure out where your soul loss is and allow therapy to work for you. The best way to do this is by finding a place that supports you and pushes you to talk about your feelings so that you can release your feelings and emotions.

Someone going through this might continue to feel the pain from the original emotions, but this is part of healing and there is no short cut way other than this to heal the soul. The pain that is felt will be released but you have to be purged of these emotions to see the healing take place.

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieve comes out of the conscious mind and you have to heave pure intentions if you want to make this work. The energy connection that you will have can feel harsh and painful, but the energy can move through the soul and be healed.

Many times, those that go through soul healing will experience visions, voices, pain, music or even symptoms of a sickness.

The journey to healing can happen and you can also call on your spirit guides to help you. They can help you to find your way to your healing and can help you to let your feelings out and to find peace.

Soul retrieval is not just a spiritual thing or a hidden emotions, it is also part of the physical journey. This healing can allow you to feel lighter and to have clear seeing. After each healing, it is important to rest and to take time to recuperate your soul and your mind.

You will be taken on a journey through your past or present trauma and soon, your symptoms will lift, and your emotions will be stronger. You will even begin to feel good about who you are.

It is important that you do not hide secrets in your soul and that you are open to talk about your traumatic events so that you can experience healing and see both the light and the dark.

One of the things about healing is the memories that will come and sometimes you have to piece them together so that you can understand what they mean.


Shamanic soul retrieval will help your soul to have power and to recharge. When you look at your soul, you realize that you take on the energies of others and you allow other people to steal your soul. A better word for this is soul entanglement because your soul gets tied together with someone else.

Soul entanglement can happen through generational curses, bad behavior or even things people do not realize they are doing.

Here are some ways that you become entangled with others:

  • Through jealousy.
  • When you wish you were someone else?
  • Idolizing someone.
  • Judging others.
  • Care too much for someone.
  • Make someone dependent on you.

This can cause people or yourself to have a lot of problems because the energy can get less, and it can cause you to feel that you are facing some kind of pain or burden in your life.

Relationships that are part of soul entanglement can cause you to feel that you are not happy, you are with the wrong person or that you are miserable in your life.

When you take on someone else’s soul, you find that you can become uncomfortable with their feelings and emotions and they will sometimes not fit with your conscious mind or feelings.

Those that look to get soul retrieval will notice entanglement issues and this can feel like they are holding onto something that they cannot break.

When you go through healing, you can find that your soul has been through many different relationships and that your energies have went back and forth and have tied you up with others. This can change the way that you respond to things and cause you to have a hard time letting go of the energy of other people.

You might have entangled with them through something good or bad and you probably are not even aware that this happened and that is part of the problem.

The shamanic soul retrieval can help you to release other people and can help you to remember things that you had forgotten and figure out why you entangled yourself with that person.

The ties that you make with other people can hold you to a different level and it can make them know things about you such as the qualities you have, your history and your strengths and weaknesses.

Your spirit guides can help you to work through the soul healing and help you to see things from a different point of view.


There are different things you can do to reach your healing and you can do this by talking to the spirits. You can ask them to show you their faces, ask them to tell you their names and ask them if they are holding you and why.

You can use meditation to speak to the spirits. After a few minutes into your healing journey, you can ask the spirits to help to release the ties that you have with other people and let you to be aware of who you are tied to and why.

Once you have returned from this journey, you need to journal what happened to you so that you can keep these things in your memory and not forget. This is one way that you can become balanced and strong.

You can use ceremony and healing techniques to give you power and to help heal your mind, body, and soul. Different religions have also found soul healing to be a special ceremony and communicating with the spirits so that there can be healing.

Fire is another option to let go of the soul entanglement. You can do this ritual by yourself or with others such as friends who support you and love you. They can chant for you and support you. You can ask your spirit guides to help you to release the parts of your soul that are holding you back.

Tear paper into small pieces and put names on them and then burn them. When the strips burn, imagine that you are letting go of people that were connected to you. After you burn them, thank your spirits for helping you and then do a sage cleanse.

Letting go of energies that have held you can be done and can make you feel that you accomplished things in your life.

  • After the ceremony is over, you will realize that you can remember things and learn to forgive and let things go. You can do these ceremonies anytime in order to bring about your healing.

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