Five Zodiac Love Signs

Rather you are a man or a woman, you love the thrill and the challenge of a chase. When you meet someone you are interested in, you love the challenge and when you hook them, you might lose interest fast.

There are many zodiac signs that love the chase. This chase is almost like alcohol or a drug. They get very excited when they are into someone and they have to chase them to win them over.

There are different things that influence the personalities that we have including our friends, the things we have went through in our lives, our family and even astrology.

We might always have been told that it was important to meet a partner and to settle down, get married and have children. Not everyone likes to be tied down and some people do not even want to be with the same person forever.

The chase can be fun for everyone but sometimes this can lead to pain and hurt. No one likes being used and then being discarded after the chase is over.

The excitement of the chase can prevent you from having a healthy relationship. There are some zodiac signs that love the chase more than others and here they are:


The Aries loves a chase because they love challenges. They want to win at every game they play, including love. They want to be number one and they want to get what they want in life.

They are very competitive, and they like to try new things in life.


The Gemini likes to date multiple people at one time. They find the opposite sex very interesting and they want to try them all out.

Gemini do not like to be tied down and they hate to be committed. They want to attract you and win you over, but they do not want to be forced to commit.

When you are in a chase with a Gemini, you will have to face your fear of being committed. Do not be surprised if they only date you for a short time.


Leos are fun to be around and they love to have people laughing. They attract people easily and they have a hard time devoting their time to anyone but themselves.

Even though the Leo likes to have people around for the attention, they do not always like to be tied down and they do not want to have to impress anyone. The Leo wants to be the best-looking person in the room, and they like to keep their options open.


Sagittarius are people persons and they love to be around attractive and smart people. They love to play games and they love to chase new love.

They are not into people that like them too fast and they like to date for a while before they will even consider any kind of commitment. The real challenge with the Sagittarius is getting them to stick around past the honeymoon stage.


A Libra might act like they want to be in a relationship but then you will find them out flirting with everyone. They are very charming, and they know that they look good and have what it takes to win people over.

Libra’s love attention and this is why they do not always want to settle down in their relationships. They want to be excited and flirt with someone and they do not always want to be committed to someone. If they can get someone to like them, especially someone that paid them no attention in the past, their self-esteem will go through the roof.

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