The reason some individuals dream in black and white

What is a dream?

These are the encounters when we are asleep or in a conscious state. They happen to people who are sleeping and on the rapid eye movement.  The high-frequency electrical activity in the brain indicates a dream during sleep. Dreams resemble waking experience in many ways that we hear, see, feel emotion. Dreams always feel real when we encounter them but are easy to differentiate in the morning from real life when we wake up. which is good. This is because, when we begin to remember our dreams as if they the same, we will start getting confused between dreams and reality.

What do dreams mean?

Dreams are weird regardless of any way you’ll look at it. Let’s appreciate the fact that since the old times, there has been something called dream interpretation.

Our dreams are regarded as very important more than waking thoughts. Research once showed that several individuals were likely to cancel a fight if they had a dream of the plane crashing the night before, then if they thought of it crashing during the day.

Therefore, this takes us back to the original question. Why do some individuals dream in color? While others only black and white? Well, this is just a question of memory. We encounter black and white dreams because of the details of the night before fade throughout the day. Others think that dreaming in black and white depends on creativity. The more creative you are, the more you’ll experience vivid colors and crazy adventures while you sleep.

Recent research nevertheless offers the following hypothesis:  people who were once exposed to black and white media before color media tend to encounter greyscale dreams than individuals with no such exposure.

Colors vs black and white

All of us dream when asleep. We all know that.  We know that our dreams have meanings and interpretations regardless of how trivial they appear or how we remember them. Dreams are our personal views and what our minds think. We can worry about something during the day and dream about it at night. What we know is that there is no right or wrong dream.

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