Clairsentient or Empath: Know the Difference

When we think about clairsentients and empaths we realize they have a great deal in common. Both are ‘feelers’ in the world. This simply means they are sensitive to the environment around them, especially that of the emotional type. This then causes them to experience the world differently, through their own emotion filled lens, but the emotions are not necessarily all theirs, but those of others. Even though this is true for both empaths and clairsentients, there is a difference.

The difference is the level of awareness and control that they hold over the feeling the emotions of other’s emotions. An empath is able to take on people’s emotions, energy, and even thoughts without knowledge of the exchange, yet believe they are their own. On the other side, a clairsentient can sense the emotions and feelings of others, but can also take more control of the energetic exchange due to deeper awareness. This information can then be used as psychic knowledge. The main difference is then that empaths feel the emotions and have no awareness or control, but the clairsentient has control and awareness.

Clairsentients tend to start as empaths who then refine their space to sense the exchange of energy so further insight can be found. That being said, not all clairsentients begin as empaths. Anyone can develop clairsentient ability if they can learn to control certain energy centers.

Clairsentience Defined

Clairsentience is a psychic ability of turning feelings into perception. It literally means a “clear sense of feelings”. This can refer to sensing other people’s pain, emotions, and perspectives on any given situation. This is very different from feeling the emotions of others. It is a psychic ability that has been refined so a clear sense of feeling is recognized without confusing it with our own. Experienced clairsentient psychics do not actually feel the pain and emotions, but do feel it energetically without physical ramifications.

Psychics trained to shut down their energetic centers can do this, but empaths cannot. A clairsentient can read the energy exchange that wants to take place and gain information from it without taking it on. Experienced clairsentient psychics are highly powerful because of the energy exchanges. They gain information from those willing to exchange energy, which is how we interact. Still, the true power comes from discerning boundaries and being authentic with themselves by understanding where personal energy ends and another person begins.

Empaths Defined

With proper training, everyone can develop a psychic gift. Some people are more gifted in one area than another. Empaths tend to develop clairsentient psychic abilities because they are good at managing feelings and are naturally gifted in the area.

Empaths tend to struggle to balance their 1,2, and 3rd chakras, with an emphasis on the 2nd one. This leaves their chakras over stimulated and results in a need to escape physical reality. This is often through daydreams. Since the upper chakras work overtime, they have heightened intuitive perception. These individuals often know someone will call ahead of time, make sound decisions, or know when to take a new route without any real proof as to why it should happen.

An empath often feels sick, depressed, fatigued, fearful, or has insomnia because of overworked chakras. However, if an empath learns to manage their ability, it can become a psychic ability. In fact, they are often highly powerful because they are so in touch with their intuition and have claircognizance. The first step to turning empathic abilities into clairsentience is strong meditation practice. Empaths need quiet space to be centered and sift through their personal energy and that of others. Visualization is the best option. This involves moving energy through your imagination and 3rd eye vision. Other options include grounding, energy movement, and protection that can be found online. Find what works for you. If you want, take a class because they are widely available.

Empath Without Clairsentience

If you are an empath but do not want to become clairsentient, yet want to manage your empathy, there are ways. These are explained below.


Learn to exercise your empathy by having compassion. People who are empathetic are compassionate to the core, but often confuse compassion with feeling responsible for the well being of others. When we take on the emotions of others, it can be hurtful, not helpful. If we constantly try to heal others, they cannot learn their own lessons. Learn to send them love and let them sort it out.


Overactive empathy can also be managed with crystals. They can offer protection so too much energy from the world is not taken in. Certain crystals have the best effects, like black tourmaline, hematite, and pyrite. Purple kyanite can also be helpful. To sort through emotions, black obsidian is most effective.

There are other ways to help manage empathy without becoming clairsentient, but clairsentience is the best way to know the energy is being taken on and how to set valid boundaries. The difference between the two traits is awareness, boundaries, control, and management. Regardless, you are powerful and a magnificent being.

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