Rejuvenate Yourself When Your Job Becomes Outdated

Stay Current and Relevant

You may have come across relatives saying they retired from a job they have been doing for 20 to 30 years. At times they have no idea what they are talking about after asking them what they did for a living. This is due to the fact that you maybe have not heard of their profession or it seems to be a profession of the past. The days of doing the same thing at work are gone just like the skills you have right now are not the ones that you’ll need to keep that job year to come. It is true that your job will become outdated later in life and you’ll need to rejuvenate yourself.

There are 50 things I can think of that were invented and became outdated in my lifetime. Just to mention a few, the pager (beeper), the VCR and the boom box. Although they are outdated individuals who used them didn’t go without messages, movies, and music but they came up with new technologies that provided the same services.

Data Doesn’t Lie

Rejuvenate Yourself When Your Job Becomes OutdatedAn article that stated “the number one issue we face as employees is obsolescence of our own skills.” was shared by a 2015 Huffington Post article. Statistics indicated that of all the employees, 40% were disturbed by the fact that their jobs might become outdated which contrasted to other 18% who were only worried about layoffs and 9% were just concerned with getting training and educational opportunities. Although individuals in different professions have different concerns you do not have to fall a victim to your job or skills becoming outdated. There are several ways to stay informed of current changes and adaptations whether you want to stay on top of your current industry or look into a whole new career. You just need to rejuvenate yourself. Here’s how.

  1. Make use of social media

It’s always a good idea to stay current on trends in your field even if you feel safe in your current position. Or maybe you can look into the current trends that impact your new career if you’re considering changing careers. You can follow and connect with influencers on Facebook, Instagram and linked in to establish an active relationship with them. When the time comes they might give you ideas on how to reinvent yourself and they could be the key to your next job.

  1. Become a reader

Just read as much as you can internalize. Other good sources that you can read other than social media include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and HR Magazine. Other publications that are related to your profession are good options too. They really help you to find new jobs.

  1. Take courses and attend conferences

Be open to learning new things if you want to rejuvenate yourself. You need to take courses and attend conferences in order to get access to those new things. You can do this on the company’s dime but if this is not possible then a good course or conference is worth the money. You will be up to date on new standards and trends as well as exploring new technology. You will be more marketable when looking for a job or get a promotion at your current job with that kind of knowledge. You’re creating your own job security when you make yourself the expert everyone goes to.

  1. Let your age hinder you

For you to embark on a new career you don’t need to be young. The fact that older more seasoned people in the workforce have qualities and experiences that can’t be found in someone fresh out of college should encourage individuals who need to rejuvenate themselves after hitting middle age.

Acknowledge this new chapter    

There’s no reason to be fearful in whatever you do. No matter where your career takes you you’re taking steps to be current, relevant and marketable. If you’re passionate about reinventing yourself then learning, growing and evolving can be fun. You can consider some professions that haven’t changed over time if technology isn’t your thing. Never forget that you’re the one choosing the path you want to take.

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