Clearing Negative Energy from Your Workplace

Negative energy in your workplace comes from many sources. The best thing to do when you feel negative energy building in your workplace is to step outside and let nature clear your head. Look up at the sky, take deep breaths of the fresh air, and connect with what is nurturing, real, and beautiful.

If you can, occasionally conduct meetings outdoors. And spend your lunch breaks taking a walk outside, even if it’s only for five or ten minutes. The outdoors can work wonders for you.

But if you can’t spare time during your work days to go outside, here four things you can easily place in your workspace to help clear negative energy.

  1. Plants and fresh flowers

Living plants can help elevate and improve people’s moods. They add fresh, vibrant energy wherever they are placed. Plants are natural air purifiers, so imagine what effect they have on energy!

Fresh flowers can also add a cheerful sparkle to any inside space. Choose your favorite flowers or plants and let the enchantment begin. Just remember to water them!

  1. Black tourmaline crystals

Black tourmaline crystals are able to absorb bad energy, so place one on your windowsill or desk. When you feel negative energy, visualize the crystal absorbing it and then giving off positive, white light into the area.

For the same effect on the go, you can carry a black tourmaline crystal with you in your purse or pocket.

  1. Cypress essential oil

Certain essential oils have the power to clear negative energy not only in your mind but also in physical spaces like your home and your office. Cypress oil purifies surrounding energies and increases vibrational frequencies. It can help you feel secure and grounded.

Cypress oil can be used in many different ways, depending on specific situations. For immediate results, dab a drop or two on your wrists. Then gently rub your wrists together and breathe in the fragrance. You can do this any time you feel like tensions are rising.

  1. Sea salt

Sea salt is a powerful absorber of negative energy. You can ask the Universe to bless you as you sprinkle sea salt around your desk and workspace as you ask the Angels to bless your space. You and your surroundings will be purified.

Remember, darkness is not able to enter where there is light. So instead of allowing yourself to absorb the dark projections of negative energies into yourself, mentally and silently radiate love and light.

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