Why More Men are Runners in a Twin Flame Relationship

The twin flame journey goes both ways for men and women. Anyone can be your twin flame but the experience that people have finding their twin flame will be different for men than it is for most women.

Men are challenged in different ways and they have to deal with things such as their masculinity. They have feelings but the way that they express their feelings is different for them than women. Men know that there is a challenge when it comes to their feelings.

Twin Flames and Gender

The first thing that you have to know is that your journey is the same for both men and women. It is the same process for all people but the way that you enjoy your unique twin flame relationship will be what is different.

The way that you react to things and the things that you do during the stages in your twin flame relationship will be one that is different than everyone else’s.

When you think about men and the twin flame experience, sometimes their journey is harder than for women.

Intuition and Reasoning

Men are masculine and women are feminine and even though both men and women have both femininity and masculinity, one is always going to have one more than the other.

When there is masculine energy, this has to do with reasoning and being analytical in life. They are able to be practical when it comes to relationships.

The feminine part of this is closer to the intuition than the masculine part and intuition is the spiritual link of the relationship. This allows you to exchange your spiritual and emotional energy.


Men have a hard time with their feelings than women because of their masculine energy. Men will control heir emotions and will not react to them like women do. Even if a guy is sad, chances are that he will not cry where a woman would.

Masculine energy controls feelings but they do not have power over them.

Feminine energy helps women to deal more with their emotions and women are able to work through their feelings easier.

The key to the twin flame relationship is that there is feminine and masculine energy, and this makes progress in the relationship.


One of the biggest problem’s men face is their ego. They become prideful and they show behaviors that are egotistical. They have to learn to put this aside when they have a twin flame relationship.

Men have a problem with this, and they are often times the runner in the twin flame relationship. They will run away because they are afraid of facing their emotions and they follow their ego.

There will be different challenges that men and women face when it comes to the twin flame energies and this is okay. Each person will work out their own feelings and problems when it has to do with their twin flame.

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