Signs You are Going Through a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

People go through their own version of a spiritual awakening and when this happens, it can cause there to be symptoms because of the major change in their physical and spiritual bodies.

These symptoms can come when you are on your spiritual journey.

A spiritual awakening means that you are changing who you are, and you are reaching to become your best self. This means that you are losing your ego and you are allowing the universe to help you to become better.

When someone goes through a spiritual change, their life is different, and some realize this while others don’t. There are some things that you might feel when you are going through your enlightenment while some people do not feel anything. Some people can have intense signs and symptoms and if you are one of them, don’t be afraid, you are growing.

Physical Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

When you are going through your own personal spiritual awakening, everything in your body is changing. Even your vibrational frequency will be stronger because it is becoming one with the universe.

Here are some physical symptoms you might have:


Chances are that you will have some pains in your body such as headaches, muscle aches and other body pains. These happen because your DNA is changing.


You might be irritated in your stomach or you might be dehydrated or have itchy skin.

Gaining Weight

Some people gain weight when they are going through their awakening because their body is changing.

Sleeping Patterns

You may have a hard time sleeping and you might have vivid dreams that are not allowing you to get good rest.


Your energy might change, and you might find that you are tired more than normal.

Shaking or Jittery

You can have rapid shaking and be jittery.


You might have tingling in your arms or in your ears or even in your head. These are vibrations that are coming to you from the world around you.

Mental Symptoms of Your Awakening

Some people will have to deal with mental symptoms of their awakening as well. This means that they are changing what they think and understand.


Some people become wiser and they learn to listen to the voices inside and to their spiritual guides.

Past Feelings

They find that the past no longer scares them, and they learn to let it go instead of letting it control them.


Some people going through this will cry for no reason. They will be doing this to get rid of negative energy that they have held onto for years.

Developing Intuition

Your intuition will become stronger and you will be able to read people easier and their emotions and motives.

Paranormal Happenings

You might even start to see more paranormal things in your life. As your psychic giftings increase, you will be able to see things differently and in different dimensions.


Some people will change their jobs and careers and will focus on other things that they love in life.

Life Purpose

You will find that you have a purpose in life, and you will go after it.


Some people can see the auras of others and their own aura.


You will notice that some animals tend to be around you more than others and this could be your spiritual animal.


When you become fearful or begin to doubt, you will get messages in your mind that give you courage.


You may feel sensitive to the energy around you and your compassion for others will increase.


You become no longer afraid of dying. You know that death is not the end of your being.


You may have a time where you let go of certain relationships or you lessen the relationships that you have with your family or friends. You will later develop these relationships as something new.


You begin to see repeating numbers and other patterns and signs that the universe is giving you.


You will want to know what the philosophy of the world is.

Good Advice for Your Journey

If you have had any of the symptoms above, chances are that you are going through your own spiritual awakening. This is something that takes time, and you will experience changes along the way.

There is no real time limit as how long this will last, and it is different for some people. Some people go through it fast while others take years. There is no reason to rush or to try to push it faster but learn to be calm and let things go as they do.

Some people will become sad and depressed when this time comes but it is normal. This is a time for you to figure out who you are and to have faith that the universe will guide you on the right path.

Signs You are Going Through a Spiritual Awakening

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