Facts about Phone Readings

I care about both mediumship and individuals who involve mediums in this activity. I give this advice because I care.

Below are facts about phone readings with mediums

Quite a number of clients trust that they will have better readings if they are present personally. They believe that there is a difference that will be made if they have a face to face reading.

Having a reading in person makes a negative difference rather than a positive one.

Those clients who believe having a reading personally is good also make a second error. They bring items that are related to the dead to the medium. They trust that items such as jewelry or pictures which belong to the dead are essential for the medium to connect. This is wrong.

Let me inform you why phone readings are better than a reading in person. And the reasons why you shouldn’t take personal items of the dead to the medium.

You are advised to do a reading by phone anytime you get a reading from a medium. That way, you’ll be aware that the medium is not taking ideas from your body language and facial expressions. While doing readings to my clients I don’t even look at them. I just need their first name and to hear their voice. Therefore I do not need to see them or hold them. I just link up directly with their spiritual team.

Other individuals believe that if they bring items that belong to the dead then their readings will be better.

I respect people’s items especially items, therefore I don’t want them brought into my office and I’ll let you know why.

You are giving me too much information if you show me things that belong to the dead.

A dead person’s items tend to relay a lot of information to the medium and can distract both you and the medium as well.

There are moments that the medium will need items that belong to the dead, like when a homicide investigation needs to be done. However, you need to wait until you are requested to bring something. Otherwise, you are likely to discourage the medium by bringing items that aren’t needed. Ask when you are in doubt.

A medium might request a personal item when an investigation needs to be done for them to read the item’s energy.

Nevertheless, a medium is able to connect with the dead without you necessarily providing their items.

Readings are all the same with the medium, be it on phone or office. I interact with my clients all over the world through phone since 70% of my readings are done through phone.

You can now choose great mediums worldwide since you already know that you don’t have to travel for good reading.

Let third party sites help you choose a good medium since they highly recommend them.

Relax and have a reading at the comfort of your home through the phone.

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