Dreaming of Your Twin Flame

Do you often dream about your twin flame and you find that being separated from them causes you to dream about them often?

If you never dream about your twin flame, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a connection with them because there are no rules on how the twin flame connection is going to happen to you or to anyone else. Sometimes there are different ways that people connect with the awareness of their twin flame and it is different for everyone.

If you have met your twin flame, then you are either with them and if you aren’t connected with them through the phone or seeing each other then you are still going to be connecting with them in the spirit. You will have them in your soul, and you will be with them and connecting with them in ways that you never even though possible.

Connecting with your twin flame in a dream is something that happens because you are manifesting them into your life.

Maybe you are worried that you are just imagining these things but here are some ways you can know that you are connecting with your twin flame.

Dreams and Fears

Twin flames often have nightmares and bad dreams because they are worried about the twin flame connection.

This does not mean that your dream will come true, but the truth is that your conscious mind is often full of fears and anxiety and when you are having these fears, they can show up in your dreams. This allows your fears to come out.

Meditate on the things that come into your dreams and write them down. Allow your fears to be seen so that you can handle them.

Personal Lives

Your twin flame connection is going to be strong and when you dream about your twin flame, chances are that you are dreaming about them because you are trying to connect with their personal life.

When you have changes in your life or if your twin flame is having changes, you might dream about them so that you can connect with them.

If your twin flame is getting married or they are struggling with things in real life, dreaming about them can be a way that you are connecting with them to know what is happening to them and for them.


Another reason that you might dream about your twin flame is so that you can be guided in your life.

We often go through things alone and when we find that we have a twin flame connection, we realize that we are never doing anything alone. We find that we can be healed in our mind and body and we find that even these dream sessions can bring us healing and love.

Twin flame mediation is one way that you can have visions and you can have a union that will help you to have a deep and personal experience.

When your twin flame shows up in your dream, you need to remember your conversation and see this as a sacred thing. Allow your experiences to connect you with your twin flame and mediate often so that you can understand what is happening.

Your twin flame can come to you so that you can go through changes in your life easier and so that you can do things stress free and without anxiety.

This can happen at times in your life when there are major events such as having a baby, starting a new job, getting married or more. This can help to remove blocks that is keeping your twin flame from coming to you and can help you with the highest good in your life.

Astral Sex

Astral sex can be when you dream of having sex with your twin flame. This can be a very detailed dream and can happen when you are experiencing loneliness or if you are making a big move in your life.

Your dream can help you to find peace in the decisions that you are making, and it can help you to feel happy and to be comforted.

Astral sex couples can have kinky dreams and it can be feelings that are something that you can never get rid of.

When you have a twin flame and you have juicy sex, this is a sign that your twin flame is close to you.


There are some things that your twin flame needs to tell you that they cannot tell you in person. If you are dreaming of your twin flame and you get some kind of message, this could be the reason.

Learn to react to these messages in love and to understand where they are coming from. Do not be impatient if you are waiting to hear from your twin flame but give things time and allow things to come when they do.

There are things that people need to tell you sometimes and when they cannot get the message to you, they might show up in your dreams to share with you what they need to say.

Updating You

Some twin flames will show up in your dreams to tell you where they are in life and where they stand. If they are married or you have become married, this might be a progression of our life. This can mean that your twin flame is ready to contact you and to show you support.

Having a twin flame can be hard when you have a family, and your twin flame journey is part of your past life and your life now. You are born into your twin flame and this does not make you selfish or trapped but sometimes it can feel like a conflict, especially if you have a family already.

When your twin flame comes to you in a dream it can mean that you need to heal, and you need to be stronger in your mental and physical body. This can be a sign that you have habits that are negative, and you need to get rid of them.

The experiences that you have will help you to be thankful that you have a twin flame and that you are going through this journey in your life.

Your twin flame can help you to know who you are and what you want, and they can help you to make it through your journey peacefully and to surrender to make things better for you and those around you.

As a twin flame teacher, you might find that you need to surrender things in your life so that you can figure out your twin flame relationship and you can find peace in who you are and in what you want.

Your journey is never about finding your twin flame but about who you are and what you are doing in your life.

When you tap into your soul and your eternal self, you can find that there is someone that is meant to show up for you and they are excited to be part of your journey and part of your enlightenment.

Let love and light shine on your journey and never let yourself be unprotected or weak.

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