Psychic Tips

Clairsentient or Empath: Know the Difference

When we think about clairsentients and empaths we realize they have a great deal in common. Both are ‘feelers’ in the world. This simply means they are sensitive to the environment around them, especially that of the emotional type. This then causes them to experience the world differently, through their own emotion filled lens, but […]

Removing Energy from Your Disconnected Soulmate

One of the hardest things that you have to walk away from is a soulmate relationship.  When you meet your soulmate, these relationships are different than other relationships and they are stronger and more emotional.  So, when you have to break up or depart, it is harder and can be upsetting. When you meet your […]

The reason some individuals dream in black and white

What is a dream? These are the encounters when we are asleep or in a conscious state. They happen to people who are sleeping and on the rapid eye movement.  The high-frequency electrical activity in the brain indicates a dream during sleep. Dreams resemble waking experience in many ways that we hear, see, feel emotion. […]

How to Discern Karmic Debt Levels

Karmic debts are the fascinating cyclical process of interrupting and balancing positive and negative energies. The levels of karmic debt involve people exerting their will on other people’s souls. Karmic debts serve as an incentive to actively engage in life. To have a meaningful life, you want to create karmic debts with other people, you […]

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