Tips to Train You to See Auras

Train You to See Auras

People who are into spirituality understand that everyone has an aura, or beams of colored light that radiates from them. While invisible to the naked eye, some can use their spiritual senses to see these auras.

Most believe the ability to see auras isn’t a supernatural gift. It is true that some have this ability naturally and can do it without effort. However, seeing auras is something anyone can learn to do. It takes some practice and effort to get to the point where you can see someone’s aura, but you don’t need to be a psychic to do it.

There are three things you can do to develop this ability:

  1. Learn to see energy

The first aspect of seeing auras is to be aware of the energy around you. The first step in that is to start first by sensing the energy inside you. Once you have mastered this, try to sense energy in other people or objects.

Being able to successfully sense energy will then move you toward sensing auras and, eventually, seeing them.

Rodrigo Medeiros at Reaprendentia, a non-profit organization that specializes in conscientiology and education, teaches that provision, or the ability to see non-living things, can be enhanced to unlock visual clairvoyance so you can see auras.

  1. Learn to see auras within your field of vision

You can do this by lying on your back and focus on different things within your field of vision. You can try focusing on your toes or your hands. This allows you to train to see aura colors in a small area between your eyes and toes.

  1. Take your eyes out of focus

People often get those puzzles on social media where you have to unfocus your eyes to see a picture behind the jumbled lines and graphics. Well, seeing auras works much the same way. If you learn to put your eyes out of focus, you can see auras and all their colors better.

There is a way to practice this with a friend or family member.

First, have a friend or family member sit with his or her back against a wall. The wall should be light colors, like a white or beige. They shouldn’t be sitting in shadows, so make sure the lighting is good. However, don’t spotlight them either.

Position yourself directly in front of them about four to five feet away. Then relax your shoulders and take three deep breaths.

Start by looking at their head. Find a focal point. The center of their forehead, where their third eye is, works well. Once you have a focal point, slowly let your eyes go out of focus. As this happens, you should be able to see a radiance around the person. This is particularly true for around their head or possibly their shoulders.

Typically, this glow is fluorescent-colored or maybe a yellow-white glow. This is thought to be the first layer of the aura in humans.

The next step after you have mastered this technique is to practice seeing aura colors. This will take some practice to get beyond seeing the halo-outline around a person. Some tips will help you develop this ability.

First, find someone who wants to learn to see auras so you can practice. You both need to sit with your back against a light-colored wall. Learn to relax by taking at least three deep breaths every time you restart the exercise.

As you attempt to see each other’s aura, tell each other what you see. Be specific. Tell the other person how wide their aura is and if you see any colors. Be sure to be patient as you practice. It will take some time to develop this ability. The auric field will grow as your abilities are enhanced.

There will eventually come a time where you will be able to see many colors. You may see streaks or color patterns around the person too. That tends to surprise people.

  1. Use peripheral vision

This is another technique that some use to see auras. It works because, like taking your eyes out of focus, you aren’t looking directly at the person.

To use this technique, first, focus your eyes on a person in front of you. Then ask them to move into your peripheral vision on either side. You can sit or stand to practice this, but be sure both are you are in a comfortable position.

Try to see the other person’s aura. While this method also takes some practice, you should soon be able to see a halo around the person and then you can work on seeing a wider aura and the colors associated with it.

Being able to see an aura is an incredible experience, but you also need to know what the different aura colors mean for it to be of any real use. Include that study as part of your lessons in seeing auras so this skill will benefit you as well as your family and friends.

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